Nutrition packages

One on One Consultation


Personal information session to determine 'now condition' and desired  outcomes. Includes comprehensive in-take questionnaire along with goal setting exercise and recommendations for an implementation plan.

$30/single session

Okay! I'll try a single session of coaching

One Month Starter Package


This one month program is designed to assess current situation as indicated above as well as three follow-up online sessions 1/2 in length to monitor the activities and implementations of set plan.


One Month of coaching sounds perfect

Three Month Transformation


 The transformation program is tailored or those who want to dig deep into the different components that effect food selection and behaviors. It is geared towards those seeking  to make lasting changes. We will look at food selection and preferences  as well as your  to see what works, and we'll make a plan to improve what doesn't.

$150/3 months

I am ready for a transformation coaching program