What is Healthy Habits and You?

About Us

Hi there! I am so delighted you found us! 

Let me share with you a bit about Healthy Habits & You, and the approach we take to this massive topic of nutrition.

At Healthy Habits & You we believe in partnering with individuals that are interested in making changes to their eating regime and the outcomes their eating habits are creating. This can take a variety of approaches – some of our clients are looking for some small changes and ‘tweaks’ to their dietary choices, others are interested in making slow, progressive changes to their eating regime, and some are keen on an entire over hull to what they are eating and are seeking to drastically modify their feelings and behaviors surrounding food.

In all of these endeavors we specialize in BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. Healthy Habits & You is distinctly different from the many, many others nutritional programs in the market place because we address the behavioral aspect to changing our eating ‘habit’s’. We investigate the processes involved trying to change habits and regular routines .

People often times think of healthy eating as a discipline – if we know enough or are strict enough – then we will achieve our goals. We like to refer to that as the ‘white knuckle approach’, which often doesn’t have a happy ending. The unique approach here at Healthy Habits & You is to delve a little bit deeper (don’t worry, not too deep) and explore the barriers to why we have not been successful in the past and what is preventing ourselves from making the food choices that intellectually we know are better for us.

At Healthy Habits & You, we like to take the approach of ‘partnering’ with our clients, because it is a collaborative effort. We suggest, offer selections of strategies, and recommend different ideas at different times based on readiness and levels of motivation.

We believe in recognizing accomplishments, focusing on behaviors and letting the outcomes follow. We celebrate the ‘bright spots’ of what has been done well and fully prepare our clients for the ‘falling off the horse’ moments. We encourage all of our clients to realize it is a process and we are working toward progression not the finish line or the quick fix.

We truly hope this explanation resonates with you and that we have tweaked your interest in finding out more about how we may be able to assist you.

If you are ready for a change, for some support and encouragement, then we are here to help–give us a call and we’ll figure this out together!

Ready to make some changes? How about a 20 minute Discovery Call where we take a look at  your current situation and discuss where you are and where you would like to be?


A little bit about me...


A Waterloo University graduate of Human Kinetics & Leisure Studies with 25+ years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry. I turned my passion for helping others into a private practice!  As a 'Precision Nutrition' Certified Coach and an Arbonne Consultant,  I can tailor my services from on-line support to one-on-one partnering; providing as much support as you would like.  Together we can do this!